Community Agency and Stacklab Think Green for Toronto's Design Exchange Museum

Amid recycled wood chips and pine seedlings planted in glass vials strung from biodegradable polymer fishing line, winding maple plaques told the story of how natural wood makes its way into homes. The next EDIT is scheduled for spring 2020. Photography by Alex Willms. 35 designers, engineers, and artisans led by Community Agency’s Joseph Nanni and Stacklab’s Jeffrey Forrest 65 LED segments 4,870 pine seedlings 6 days to install 625 square feet For the Toronto festival EDIT (Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology), hosted by the Design Exchange, “The Wild Abode,” a houselike installation by Community Agency and Stacklab, explored the future of ...

Rapt Studio Strips Down Unity’s San Francisco Headquarters

Creating environments means paying attention to the physical. This was doubly so for Rapt Studio when designing a San Francisco ...

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